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Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Evidence of Stress Increase Risk of Breast Cancer

FOR your womenfolk, do not let yourself drag on the stress because it will harm your health, especially breast. The proof, a study says that psychosocial stress may play a role in the etiology of breast cancer aggressiveness, especially among minority populations.

"We found that after diagnosis, breast cancer patients who are blacks and Hispanics reported higher stress levels than their white. Stress is also associated with tumor aggressiveness.

Then, the stress levels of patients examined two to three months.

The study included 989 breast cancer patients recently diagnosed. The participants consisted of 411 races non-Hispanic blacks, 397 non-Hispanic white, and 181 Hispanics.

The results showed that the high value of psychosocial stress experienced by black patients and Hispanic. "Those who reported higher stress levels tend to have more aggressive tumors," "However, we do not know is if we ask the same question five years before diagnosis, would we have seen a similar relationship between stress and aggressiveness of breast cancer?"

"It is unclear what drives this relationship. Perhaps, the level of stress in the lives of patients affected the aggressiveness of the tumor. It's possible," he said as quoted by the Times of India, Tuesday


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