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Saturday, 15 October 2011

Smoking Cause Ear Infections - Read Full Article

Increase  more reason to stop smoking. Not only the danger to yourself that will be encountered, there were more harmful effects for the little guy. Found, children who have parents who smoke are more at risk of ear infections and hearing problems.

The danger is two-fold more Dangerous when the mother who smoked. When his mother lit a cigarette, the children were almost twice as likely ear infections. When mothers smoke, the children are also 86 percent higher risk for slimming surgery for middle ear problems, including recurrent ear infections, compared with when no smokers at home.

As quoted by Reuters on Thursday (8 / 9), experts speculate that exposure to secondhand smoke can cause the tubes in the ears of inflamed and cause a blockage. The water can then leak into the empty pockets behind the eardrum, creating an ideal environment for bacteria to grow and cause infection.

In addition, parents who smoke also have been linked to asthma and allergy problems in children. As for the mothers who smoked during pregnancy also put their babies at risk of sudden infant death.


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