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Saturday, 12 November 2011

Magnets Help Treat Prostate Cancer

Style suspected magnets could help treat prostate cancer in men, experts said. Unlike chemotherapy and radiotherapy, the treatment using magnets can kill cancer cells without damaging healthy tissue.

Researchers at the University of Sheffield, said magnetic force effective against new forms of several diseases. As prostate cancer is the most common form of cancer in men. There are about 37 thousand new cases and 10,700 deaths annually.

When prostate cancer develops, some white blood cells called macrophages flock to the tumor will try to fight them. However, because the tumor grows and spreads so fast, blood cells are not able to keep up.

To speed up their actions, the researchers have injected cells with magnetic nanoparticles, each measuring 1 / 50 the width of human hair.

Magnetic force enables cells to move much more quickly around the targeted tumor. Initial laboratory tests have also shown that white blood cells can reduce the number of cancer cells.

However, the researchers emphasize that this treatment is still in its early stages. Therefore, they hope to carry out trials in humans within the next five years.


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