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Friday, 25 November 2011

Pine Tree Extract Restore Brain Injury

Antioxidant extracted from pine bark may help treat people with traumatic brain injuries, according to researchers Auckland.

In the study, called enzogenol extract given to 60 patients with brain injury for three months. The results showed that this extract can help improve memory and focus them.

Specialist stroke AUT Professor Valery Feigin says patients taking the extract was better able to remember people's names or user basis. Difficulty remembering simple things is indeed a common problem for people with brain injury.

This result certainly is a big and exciting news. Especially now still little available medical evidence-based care for people with mild brain injury problems, he said.

"In addition to brain exercises, there are now new ways to repair brain damage, although the new initial discovery," says Professor Feigin as quoted by the Courier Mail, Tuesday (23/11). Therefore, he hopes to soon start a large-scale trials in order to follow up the success of this pilot study.


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