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Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Tears of Blood Sugar Levels Can Predict

EXCEPT as a form of emotional expression, both when sad or happy tears to cry issued from the results turned out to have other functions you know, that measures the sugar levels in the body virgin. How do I?

The scientists are developing an electrochemical sensor devices that could potentially measure blood sugar levels rather than tears of blood. This method is expected to save millions of diabetes patients from a painful test.

In a report that appeared in the journal Analytical Chemistry, researcher Mark Meyerhoff and colleagues explain that about 5 percent of the world population suffer from diabetes.

The disease is expanding rapidly in society due to the global increase in obesity that make people susceptible to developing type 2 diabetes.

People with diabetes should monitor their blood glucose levels several times a day to ensure they are within a safe range. This was done with devices that require a drop of blood so patients must prick their finger with a small pin or a lancet. Some patients find it as something quite painful.

Therefore, doctor’s team working to develop new ways of self-examination that is free of pain by using tear glucose levels as an accurate reflection of blood sugar levels. Tests they have done on laboratory rabbits showed that glucose levels in tears were able to monitor the amount of glucose in the blood.

"Thus, it is possible to measure glucose levels through tears several times per day to monitor changes in blood glucose without pain," he added as quoted by ScienceDaily, Wednesday


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