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Friday, 30 December 2011

BMW-6 Series Gran Coupe Detail , Features , Specs

Compelete Series model line-6 Convertible and Coupe, the BMW-6 Series Gran Coupe present 111 mm longer than the second two-door coupe brother, plus the presence of a pair of extra doors. BMW deliberately presents the airy space on the vehicle seat with 4 +1 format with maximum comfort.

However, as the coupe with sloping roofline in the back so he has a problem on headroom in the back, especially for tall passengers. But whatever it is definitely all will be advised as this is a true coupe.

As the vehicle he was offered the coupe great engine choices, including line 6-cylinder engine with twin-scroll turbo in the 640i is capable of burst power to 320 hp, diesel engine with sequential turbo charging combined variable common-rail direct injection at 640D-powered 313 hp and model flagship Gran Coupe 650i eight cylinder powered 450 hp is pretty fantastic.

All variants equipped with a standard transmission model 8-speed sport automatic with BMW Driving Experience EfficientDynamic Control Pro-tech ECO mode and the Auto Start-Stop function.
In addition, the coupe is also equipped with Electric Power Steering and Dynamic Damper Control as standard facilities, while the Integral Active Steering and Adaptive Drive is available as an optional facility.

The plan in the late summer of next year, BMW will release Gran Coupe 2013 650i V8 engine Twin Power Turbo and 650i xDrive Coupe Gran all-wheel-drive that will complement the range of series 6


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