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Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Chat More Fun with Google + Hangouts

GOOGLE + Hangouts easy video chatting in seconds. However, what happens if your opponent does not have the facilities chatting webcam?

No need to be sad, you can make voice calls through the phone like Google + Hangouts. Google staff as well as inventor of the IRC (Internet Relay Chat) Jarkko Oikarinen to announce the presence of the new features in Google + that supports the service.

Oikarinen explained that the addition of phone calls on Google + Hangout set up conference calls much simpler. Users only need to add a participant in the Google + Hangouts by pressing the button 'Invite' at the top of the interface Hangouts.

Then click the 'Phone' on the left and enter a phone number, and press 'Call Now'. The new feature is only available in the Extra with Hangouts Hangouts which is a version with some additional tools. Currently Google's voice calling features + new Hangouts are available to users in the United States and Canada. (technologi.msnbc.msn /


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