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Monday, 26 December 2011

Happy New Year 2012 Greeting Cards - SMS - New Year 2012 Wallpaper

Colorful greeting cards for all winter to add warmth to the room.However, for those who lost their charm for these cards are personal papers and e-cards feature innovative.

Archie’s Gallery, a famous new year card store owner, said the card paper business has definitely seen a drop.

When the Internet was not as angry, almost a tradition for people to buy a bunch of  Merry Christmas and  Happy New Year greeting cards, personalize your message and send it to  any ones, not only at home but also abroad.

According to Ranjit Singh Chadha, founder director, online portal greeting, "is a long tradition of greeting cards to express love and best wishes for a loved one. But people are so busy now that they have no time to go and buy it the sale of greeting cards have been slipping and people will get an e-way .. "

However, Chadha also a new way to rekindle love for the game paper - a tailored and personal choice.

"We have to create personalized greeting cards and printed for people to wish your near and dear ones. We made the cards according to their needs, such as how they want to design it, if they want to add a picture or not and There are people who are going for it. Personalization Add heat on this map. But I do agree there is nothing better than hand-written card to show your love, "added the Sahara.

The younger generation feels it is wiser to spend a single rupee on a message or send free online greeting or BBM (Blackberry Messenger) messaging rather than spending Rs.25 to Rs.100 a greeting card, plus postage.

"SMS will be sent as soon as people respond too quickly if you compare the cost of SMS, much less than playing live on a strict allowance;. It would be better for us to make a quick text message," says Mukesh Sharma, secondary visitors .

For the old timers still charm cards yet.

Amit Sharma, who sells handmade cards, said: "With everything going virtual and techniques, handmade cards so much a personal thing that can be delivered by greeting cards, and can be stored safely for as long as possible .."

Protima Bannerjee, media professionals, has acquired the majority of greeting cards made by young children, the NGOs, to send it over to मित्रों and रिश्तेदारों.

"Shirt Message Service (SMS) are very impersonal. So I've bought up a pack of cards, which has hand-made drawings by children from NGOs, Since I've been sending cards, I have received calls from all over, from people thanking me for the card that now we seldom.

Also, as I reached out to help children in need," he said.


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