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Tuesday, 13 December 2011

How to Safely Use a Cell Phone

A data on mobile devices is more personal than the existing content on your computer. Like a wallet that contains valuable data such as contacts, photos and data online, you need to protect the content in it.

Tips and Tricks

  • Check your phone bill regularly. Sign up online at the website and log in to monitor the use of your cellular service every week.
  • If you plan to sell the phone, make sure the memory is completely removed. Way to go to Settings to carry out a Master Reset will erase all the phone numbers, text messages and images.
  • If you feel a victim of fraud from the price premium charged on the bill, immediately contact your network operator or the regulators website.
  • Be wary of fake applications that are designed to steal personal information. Fraud can be through a game or special offers. Anti Virus can even intercept a text message or view the content you are browsing.
  • Perform downloading anti-virus  for mobile phones.
  • Remember, a rogue application could appear in stores a valid application. Always read the feedback before downloading the new application.
  • If the phone battery drained faster than normal, a sign there is something hidden in your device.
  • When surfing on mobile phone using wi-fi hotspot, follow the same rules as you do on the computer. Do not believe the indiscriminate use free hotspot.
  • Turn off bluetooth when not in use. Bluetooth becomes another way for hackers to access your mobile content or send a file that was never requested. You might suddenly get a message on the screen that asks to download pictures, video or information.


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