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Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Sony Ericsson Offer Box Applications for Android Phone

SONY Ericsson provides Box application as storage media and file sharing for users of Xperia smartphones.

Promotional applications that can be downloaded via the Android Market is valid until the end of December 2012. Storage can be done by logging on the account box.

Xperia and Box''will give consumers access to large amounts of content wherever they are located and positioned right in the heart of their smartphones to their lifestyle that is always connected,''said Head of Marketing at Sony Ericsson Company.

The application of technology-based cloud computing (cloud computing). Box has now helped more than 8 million 100 thousand individuals and businesses view, upload and share facilities and manage the entire content in cloud services and from mobile devices.

Armed with Box, users can also store files for free with a capacity of 50GB. Capacity for it can accommodate about 50 thousand documents, photographs and presentation materials.


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