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Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Toyota Land Cruiser 200 Features Price and Specs

Toyota  formally introduce refresher version or model of Land Cruiser 200 V8 in the Japanese domestic market. Toyota hopes face lift version of the LC 200 is able to seduce the global market.

 2012,  Land Cruiser 200 bumper accentuate the more visible messing with a new fog lamp design, they were back on the main lights with integrated LED strip on its underside, as well as changes to the design of the front grille.

In addition side mirror also comes with a new design plus an integrated turn signal, rear combination lamps graphics are different and alloy with a new motif-sized 18 inches and 20 inches are increasingly perfecting her new look.

Changes in the interior was limited to the instrument panel graphics and improvements to the TFT information display located between the two measuring devices as well as the cabin with new colors and materials.

In matters of technology, Toyota has perfected system of Multi-Terrain Select Land Cruiser 200 is able to present the ability to change the traction control and ABS settings for different driving conditions.

In addition, Toyota also insert features 'Craw Control', a feature that serves as Cruise Control, but useful for low speed while traversing off-road terrain is difficult.

Land Cruiser 200 is offered in Japan with a choice of 4.6-liter engine capacity V8-powered 318 PS at 5,600 rpm with maximum tensional strength of 460 Nm at 3400 rpm combined with automatic transmission and the system of all-wheel-drive.

In the local market, these vehicles were given a price tag of 4.4 million yen (Rp510.884.000) for models up to five passengers GX 6.3 million (Rp731.493.000) to model the top-of-the-line ZX capacity of eight passengers.

Along with the standard model, Toyota is also offering two special packages for the Japanese domestic market (JDM) is called the Land Cruiser 200 Luxury SUV and Urban Sports both offer their customers the freedom to choose the type of accessories for the
interior and exterior before the vehicle is delivered to its owner.


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