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Thursday, 8 December 2011

Two New Symptoms of Stroke

Uk Researchers have identified two more new symptoms that may indicate someone is having a stroke. Previously, people only know three symptoms of stroke that is the weakness of the face, arms, and speech problems.

However, experts at the University Hospital of Leicester NHS Trust say weak leg symptoms and vision problems is also a strong indicator that you may be having a stroke.

A survey of 1,300 people across Leicestershire found that only 56 percent thought that the leg weakness is a symptom of stroke, while 44 percent considered the problem of vision is just a warning symptom.

Professor Ross Naylor said, "It's important that people realize that the leg weakness and loss of vision is also a sign of stroke. The fear, many people may not realize it was happening on their own. Thus, it is important that they realize all the five these markers. Do not think we should have all the symptoms were at the same time to have a stroke. you may be having a stroke with only one of the five symptoms. However, it is more likely to have one or two signs at the same time. "

Stroke occurs when blood supply to the brain is disrupted or disconnected, either by a blood clot (ischemic stroke) or rupture of blood vessel (hemorrhagic stroke). About 8 out of 10 strokes caused by blood clots.


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