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Friday, 9 December 2011

WWW.TIN-NSDL.COM - NSDL Pan Card Tracking, Varification and More

NSDL Pan Card Tracking and Pan Card Verification Guide in

Through going online at Tin.Nsdl.Com, a Pan Card applicant can now easily track their status of PAN application by just typing the date of birth and name a day after the application has been sent or submitted. In the NSDL website, applicants can also verify and track your TAN/PAN application statuses. NSDL is an acronym for the National Securities Depository Limited. NSDL exists in order to provide assistance to all the brokers as well as the investors involved in the capital market of the country. NSDL also assists their investors through the reduction of costs and risks. The primary focus of NSDL is to promote soundness and safety of the Indian Marketplaces. NSDL has provided numerous excellent services to all of their customers.

 On behalf of the Income Tax Department, NSDL has been accepting PAN application since the year 2004 of June through their chain of PAN centers and Tin Facilities that are set up all throughout the country. The convenient thing is that people can now also apply for a PAN Card through the use of the Internet. A PAN stands for Permanent Account Number Card. Usually, an applicant would be kept waiting for 15 days in order to complete the process of application and the provided application would be in order. An applicant would be able to now track the state of their application by just using the so called “15 digits Acknowledgement Number” after three days since they have submitted the application. Also, applicants can choose to call on the TIN Call Center by dialing 020-27218080 so that they could inquire about the status of their application. They can also track their PAN application status through their cell phone by sending SMS-PAN <space> <the 15 digit acknowledgement number> to 53030.

 Entities can take advantages of these facilities:

·        Government Deductor and Companies
·        Other entity required to furnish Yearly Information Return
·        Stock Exchanges
·        Companies that are required to furnish yearly information return
·        Credit Card Institutions or Companies
·        Depository Participants
·        Mutual Funds
·        Banks
·        Central or State Government Agencies
·        The reserve Bank of India 
Easy tracking of Your Pan Application Status Online:
·        Go to the NSDL TIN website at and open the PAN status tracking page
·        Enter the application type
·        Type in the Acknowledgement Number
·        Input Your Full Name
·        Enter your Birth Date
·        Click the Submit Button


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