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Tuesday, 3 January 2012

BMW R1250GS Adventurer Motorcycle Launch on 2013

BMW GS model is one of the best-selling motorcycle in the world to succeed in the adventure-touring market segment. Therefore have to ensure the BMW R1250GS BMW 2013, a figure that still coveted by the riders GS.

In addition, the German motorcycle manufacturers have been getting pressure for improved engine cooling air to liquid cooling system and installing modern features on the bike.


R1250GS design appears more as a facelift model of the R1200GS models that exist today. Except this time equipped with LED running light and other modern features that have become standard in certain completely new cylinder head with a holder that appears higher than the previous model on the older GS models.

And the question, how to compete with the BMW R1250GS placing Explorer Triumph Tiger 2013


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