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Sunday, 22 January 2012

Continental Tire Launches Special for Electric Cars

PRODUCER tires Continental launched a new product called Conti.eContact specially for electric vehicles (EV). Ban was first introduced as a prototype at the IAA International Motor Show 2011 in Frankfurt, Germany.

As for this year Conti.eContact new Continental tires are available in sizes 125/80 R13 and 145/40 R13.

Through cooperation with a number of leading car manufacturers. Conti.eCantact will develop a new dimension with tires size 195/55 R20 such a large diameter, rather than the traditional measure of dimension 205/55 R16. This concept produces substantially reduced barriers to scroll.

Sidewalls (sidewall) tire on a more flexible also helps reduce wasted energy when subjected to deflection or when bouncing due to uneven road surfaces.

Although low barriers gulirnya, Conti.eContact remain superior in braking on wet surface conditions. Circumference of groove width to optimize the depth of tread pattern, while the contours of the flat and smooth in the shoulder design efficiency and durability of the tire.

Written uniquely marked on the tire sidewall. Logo 'BLUECO' mark that this is the kind of series of innovative tech tire specifically designed for the needs of electric vehicles.


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