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Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Mercedes E-Class Light Weighted Car Features Price

MERCEDES-BENZ rumored to be making the E-Class sedan next-generation fuel-cell version of the lightweight. The news circulated previously stated that the Mercedes-Benz aims to reduce the weight of the E-Class as much as 350 kg to 1300 kg weight gain.

Mercedes E Superlight titled it looks like Audi e-tron competitors and ranks BMW i. And another newspaper stated, high-tech four-door sedan brings power hydrogen fuel-cell powered 150 hp.


This vehicle is certainly not in the regular E-Class range with very low production numbers in the range of 20,000 units per year by 2017. The production process began to be done in small quantities in 2015 to see aspects that make fuel-cell vehicles are very dependent on the hydrogen infrastructure.

Unlike BMW models i, E Superlight chassis will be made entirely of carbon instead of using an aluminum chassis and carbon cell. E Superlight will be sold along with conventional E-Class models which of course will also utilize a number of lightweight materials.


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