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Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Stay at the Winter Diet Success

SEASON cold be a scary moment for someone who is on a diet. Calm weather often makes us want to eat frequently. If you have fear of it, here's diet tips when winter came, quoted from the All Women's Talk.

1. Cooking at home
Winter usually make anyone lazy move. Likewise for taking the time to the kitchen. But you should still heartened to cook at home. That way you know what foods are suitable to your daily diet.

2. Healthy breakfast menu
Should be a routine healthy breakfast before doing the activity. Breakfast can help you to not eat a snack before lunch time arrived.

3. Reduce consumption of bread
Bread indeed widened the menu options in addition to rice. However you must be careful, especially on bread that has a composition of butter in excess. You can replace it with fresh bread with a variety of fruit jam at breakfast.

4. Avoid cream soup

Soup is a favorite in winter menu. But despite the warm, creamy soup choices should contribute 350-400 calories and 20 grams of fat per serving. You can replace it with a vegetable soup that only provide 150-200 calories and 5-10 grams of fat in each bowl.

5. Do not forget exercise
Winter is not a reason to remain silent without any activity. Although mild exercise routine can keep your body fit.


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