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Wednesday, 4 January 2012

YouTube is running slow - reason

YouTube always runs slow

  • If you YouTube always runs slowly, the cause is most likely on your computer or your Internet connection.
  • Especially in rural areas, there are sometimes very slow Internet connections. The line is then not to transfer YouTube videos fluently.
  • If you have a fast Internet connection and the matching rate, it may be due to your computer that YouTube is running very slow.
  • Older computers sometimes have problems trying to handle such a large amount of data. In that case you should close all applications that you need not just close. In no case, however, you should close your antivirus program. This could have fatal consequences.

If YouTube is slow only occasionally

  • YouTube in Should you occasionally run slow, it could be because your computer is just an update in the background makes the operating system. This allows a large portion of the available bandwidth is consumed.
  • Another cause for a slow-running YouTube may be overloading the server to YouTube.
  • Especially at night it often happens that many people want to watch the same YouTube video. Then it can run on all those involved only very slowly.
  • You should then try again at a later date. Normally, then YouTube is no longer so slow and you can enjoy the videos properly again.


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