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Wednesday, 1 February 2012

7 Easy Ways to Protect Twitter Account

TASTE confident Twitter can be increased when it acquired Internet security company, Dissent.

The question, whether the malware attacks and the invasion of advertising will be driven easily by Dissent? If the pessimistic with these conditions, the following seven ways to protect your Twitter account from tampering malware, piracy, viruses, and attack ads.

1. Use the Bit Defender application Safeco

You must make sure that the account that you follow is not a bot, pirated account or even a fake account. To find out, you can use the Bit Defender application Safego. This application can also be used on Facebook.

2. Avoid any attractive offers

If there are offers for free stuff through the link, such as iPad can buy a house, you do not click that link. Possible link will redirect you to fake sites that lead to your personal data stolen.

3. Find out who is sending the message

The fraudsters usually likes to send messages via Direct Message, @ (mention) or e-mail notification via DM. Usually, each message will be posted the link, you should ignore that link. Use the application also Bit Defender Safego to be more confident.

4. Do not be taken in follow-back seduction

In order to deceive you and hijack your account, the fraudsters will often write 'Follow me, then I will follow you'. Flirt is also usually infiltrated by a malicious link.

5. Turn off JavaScript in your browser

Some viruses worms on Twitter using JavaScript to hijack Twitter accounts. Turn off JavaScript in order to avoid the worst.

6. Check the status of Twitter

Always check the status of Twitter to find out the latest news about scams or virus that attacked Twitter. You can view the status Twitter through the site.

7. Use Antivirus

If you do not want to bother, you use antivirus. Many antivirus which you can find through a Google search engine. So, please choose one.


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