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Saturday, 4 February 2012

Easy Ways to Use Facebook for iPhone

Facebookcan be applied to mobile iPhone users. Approximately, what facilities it can be played with these devices? Refer to the following.

A. Change cover image

You can now change the cover photo by clicking the camera icon that is on the right and will show the option for images to be selected.

B. Customize your favorite menu

To edit the favorites menu, the options menu at the top left corner, select "Edit Favorites".

C. Choose a close friend

If you have a close friend or relative, they can be created for fast access so you can deal directly with them. On the menu, select "Add Friends" to include them to your list of favorite friends

D. Delete posts that have been made

It's easy, move your finger from left to right on the post you wish to delete.

E. View a list of birthday

If you want to know when your friends birthdays, how easy it is you choose the "Events" in the main menu. Then, would appear to be anyone's birthday.


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