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Friday, 3 February 2012

How do I shave my legs, right? - How it is done

For some, the shaving of the legs is painful, because the red spots form or the skin is cut open. With the right technique and the correct device manages a gentle, pain-free shave

Shave with the razor gently

To shave the legs with a razor is very easy.
  • The shaving must, depending on hair growth will be repeated three times a week to keep smooth legs. To keep your skin when shaving do not come to harm, use only as much as is really needed to shave.
  • Use for shaving fresh, sharp razor blades, which are smooth and free of dents. Replace razor often enough to avoid redness.
  • It is best to shave in the bathtub or shower. The skin is soft and perfectly prepared for shaving.
  • Soap your legs with a lot of shower gel, so that the blade can more easily slide along the legs.
  • Shave for sensitive feet only in the direction of growth. This method is not as effective and do not last as long, but it is pretty easy on the skin.
  • Rinse thoroughly after shaving legs, preferably with cold water to close pores.
  • After creams with aloe gel or a non-greasy moisturizer to.

Use an electric razor on their legs

Leaves even the most gentle wet shave your legs tracks, you should be satisfied with a dry razor.
  • Use a high quality, clean equipment, you should use only the best for the legs.
  • Sit in a comfortable position for shaving because shaving takes a while.
  • Provide adequate lighting to see to all your hair well and eliminate them.
  • Keep the power tool for shaving only loosely attached to the legs. You should not exert much pressure.
  • Turn several times over hairy surfaces and see that all the hairs are removed.
  • You can have longer hair on the legs, remove them first with a beard trimmer or cutter attachment. Thus, the careful and you do not shave as much glide over certain points.


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