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Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Samsung Apps for free use

Download apps on your Samsung smartphone

If you want to search for apps to use your Samsung phone and simply use the App Store from Samsung.
  1. To do this, first open Samsung apps. Go to the main menu of your Samsung smartphones and select the icon for the App Store, "Samsung Apps".
  2. This takes you to the main page of the Samsung App Store. There, you can use at will for the apps store of your choice for your Samsung phone. There are paid apps in addition to a selection of apps that are free. 
  3. Have you found an app that you want to download to your Samsung smartphone, then select it. Read through the details of the app to make sure that this also corresponds to what you have imagined, and of course, to find out if the selected app is free.
  4. Click the button to download the app. 
  5. If you have downloaded the app on your Samsung smartphone, you can find them usually in the appropriate folder for applications ("Games and more"). Install the app and off you go.

Download free apps on your PC

You also have the option of the Samsung App Store for use on your PC. You can download the free apps you want and then synchronize your PC to the phone to transfer the apps on your Samsung smartphone.
  1. First download "Samsung gravel" down. This program is needed to run applications on your PC and then download it to your phone. Gravel works in principle much like iTunes from Apple.
  2. After the successful installation of Samsung gravel on your PC, start the program. First, select the country where you live. Then enter your personal information and you agree to the license conditions to become a member.
  3. You have to register in the next step, the possibility of your payment information. This is useful if you want to use a lot of paid apps. To save a little time and not have to constantly enter the data. For the acquisition of apps that are free, but this is not important.
  4. Connect your Samsung phone to your computer if you have not already done so. It appears you which phone you use and what apps are already on your phone. In addition, you will be in Samsung's App Store will automatically display only the apps that are compatible with your phone.
  5. Search for apps that you want to use on your Samsung smartphone. In the details to find out if the app is free or not. If you find an app you want to use and is free, then click the "Download" button. 
  6. If your Samsung smartphone is connected to the computer, the installation process after the download is done automatically. 
If you disconnect the phone from the computer you can use the app that you downloaded for free use.


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