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Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Water Wonder How To Speed ​​Up Slimming

Still feel hungry even after eating, but suddenly remembered slimming program? The results of a study following tips seem to be telling a powerful tool in your diet problems.

Scientists have reported that by drinking one to two glasses of water before eating can cause weight loss.

"In a recent study, we found that for 12 weeks, dieters who drank water before meals, three times per day, down about 5 pounds more than dieters who did not increase their water intake," says Brenda Davy from Virginia Tech in Blacks burg , quoted from the Times of India.

Conclusions in the study came from a feeling of fullness in the abdomen that ultimately  mind not to continue eating with abundant portions. Due to the drink of water before meals to fill the stomach with a substance that has zero calories.

To complete it, the researchers recommend that women consume water as much as 8-9 cups per day, whereas 13 cups for men.


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