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Monday, 5 March 2012

PNR Status Enquiry - Indian Railway Ticket PNR status check now

In India there are varied means of transportation, but the most preferred means of travelling from one place to another is via railways. A journey by train is very comfortable and is cost effective and almost all the cities and towns are well connected by railways. Indian railway is the second largest railways in the world and largest in Asia. With such huge railway network, the number of people seeking for reservations to their preferred destination is also huge.

The railway bookings have increased over the years and therefore it gets very difficult for the passengers to get the confirmed reservation if they don’t book their tickets well in advance. Either they come in the RAC lists or the waiting lists. Every passenger is provided with a number known as the PNR or Passenger Number Record which is a 10 digit number. The PNR number helps in checking the status of their reservation. To make it convenient for the passengers, the online enquiry and other means of knowing PNR status is available. This has reduced the dependence on agents and middle men. Now for ticket booking and PNR status people doesn’t have to stand in queue, nor have they to depend on the middle men as this can be easily done through railway bookings site or through phone.

Methods of Checking PNR Status

By dialing number 139 – The travelers can dial the number 139 from any BSNL or MTNL landline number in order to know their PNR status. After dialing 139, one needs to follow the IVRS or the Interactive Voice response. The passengers from Mumbai and Delhi can check their PNR status by just dialing the 139 number followed by their PNR number.

PNR status through SMS – Knowing the PNR status by SMS has been introduced recently; still it is one of the most popular methods these days. In this method the travelers just need to send a message to 57886 or 5888 or 5676747 depending upon the mobile service providers.

Through IRCTC – This is yet another very common method of checking the PNR status. The website has a special webpage that helps in knowing the PNR status of the passenger. You just need to enter your 10 digit PNR number in the given option and click “submit”. This will provide you with the complete information whether your ticket is still under RAC, waitlist or is confirmed.

Indian Rail official site – The PNR status can be checked through the site. In this site you will get an option “Check PNR” status. Enter the 10 digits PNR number on the given field and then click on submit. Just like IRCTC, it will also give you the status of your ticket along with the coach and seat number of the passenger.

With so many options available it has become easier for the travelers to know about the PNR status. Now the passengers can enquire about their PNR from any of the above methods which is convenient to them.


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