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Wednesday, 14 March 2012

What can be eaten during Lent? - Best Recipe Ideas from Bharti Punj

The fasting is intended to encourage people to quiet reflection and perhaps a rethinking of their own lifestyles and habits. Nutrition plays an important role. But what can be eaten during Lent anyway?
  • The Lent from Ash Wednesday to Holy Thursday is a time when many people give up worldly awareness. The fasting person will have the opportunity to look within himself to take off bad habits and rethink their way of life.
  • During Lent, meat should be avoided at all costs. They practice not only abstinence, but also protect your behavior and the other inhabitants of our earth, the animals. What you can safely eat during Lent, are vegetables, fruits, grains and all other forms of plant food.
  • Many fasting also dispense coffee, cigarettes, going out dancing, television, computer games or other things that distract from the "essence".

The following recipe idea corresponds to what one can eat during Lent.

This vegetable curry can eat
  1. Put on rice.
  2. Cut vegetables of your choice, for example, carrots, zucchini and peppers into small pieces.
  3. Stir-fry the carrots and then on to the peppers and zucchini.3
  4. Cut a small onion and fry it with the vegetables.
  5. When the vegetables are almost cooked, place a free spot in the middle of the pan and add some curry powder. Fry the curry powder in a teaspoon of oil for two additional minutes.
  6. Cut garlic and ginger into small cubes and add them to the curry powder in the middle.
  7. Wait garlic and ginger for about 3 minutes
  8. Mix everything together.
  9. Put another place in the pan and give freely to a spoonful of peanut butter. Let's melt the peanut butter.
  10. Add a little soy sauce to the peanut butter and toss with the vegetables.
  11. Finally, enter some soy cream to your mix well and let the food or take a few minutes.
  12. Serve the rice with the curry-peanut vegetables.


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