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Thursday, 17 May 2012

Similar images to search the Internet - useful information

If you are looking for pictures that you need for your website, you can use various search services. Similar results also offer photo agencies. 

Similar images with the appropriate search terms

  • For a successful search, you need the right keywords. Consider, therefore, exactly what you want to see in the picture. Abstract concepts usually lead to very different images. If you want to see similar images, you must select specific descriptions.
  • If you wish, for example, a picture of a computer, then you can use the computer as a word search. Discover now an appropriate image that you can not use, you can find similar images, if you specify the search query.
  • If you have found the images on Google, the search of similar images is quite simple: Move the mouse over the image and wait for the enlarged display. Here you will find the link "similar images". Use this link to order a new search. This is now clarified with all the details that are known to the picture. Thus, for example, drawings are distinguished from photographs. Also, the colors can be filtered. Find similar images to a blue photo, the other photos will be more blue.
  • In Internet image databases, you can enter them manually search. The color space of the image and all assigned keywords and descriptions, you can include in the search. The accuracy of this information determines the success of the search. Usually the technique works only when the data were processed by software, so automatic as in the case of a Google image search.

The Internet rights and observe

  • Before you install a found image on your site, you need to know about the rights. Many of the images that you can find on the Internet may not be copied for their own purposes.
  • Check if the photographer has said anything to the rights of his paintings. Often, the use is expressly excluded or allowed under certain conditions. Stick to this information.
  • If you find any information, you can ask the operator of the site, whether it permits the use. Ask specifically for this also, whether the operator of the site owns the rights.
If you can not find a contact person or you are not sure whether the owner of the site has actually made the picture yourself, you prefer to use a similar image from another location. When in doubt, the image is protected.


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