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Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Google Account delete from the phone - how it works

To use the full range of a mobile phone with the Android operating system, one needs at least a Google Account. This account emails, contacts, apps and more synchronized. But how can I delete a Google account properly again?

To delete your Google account from your mobile phone

  1. Click on "Menu" and then "Preferences".
  2. Then scroll to the item "Synchronize accounts and" and select it.
  3. It now opens a submenu that each user can look a little different. Look for the menu item "Manage accounts", you may need to scroll down a bit.
  4. You will see all accounts that are set up on your phone. In addition to the Google account, this can be many other accounts (eg for the apps from Twitter, Facebook, WhatsApp, etc..).
  5. Select the Google account that you want to delete from your phone and click "Remove Account" then click.
  6. Your phone will now ask you whether you want to really delete your account. Because if you do this, delete all data associated with the account such as photos, contacts or emails from the phone.
  7. Click "Remove" to confirm the final deletion.
  8. It may take a while for the deletion is complete and you can use your phone again. 

Google account (again) to add

If your account sometime back but want to add or want to set up a new account on your phone, this is quickly done.
  1. Click again on "Menu" and "Settings", then "Accounts and sync".
  2. Bottom right, the button "Add Account". Click it.
  3. It seems a long list of possible apps that allow it to add accounts. In your case, "Google" and then click "Next".
  4. Now you can choose whether you sign up with an existing account or create a whole new account to. Choose the appropriate option.
  5. Then enter on the keyboard all the required information and click "Next".
  6. Congratulations, you've added your phone now a Google Account.


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