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Thursday, 27 October 2011

Prevent Back Pain when Working in Office

Pain's back seems to have become part of modern life. About 7 out of 10 employees is estimated to have experienced. Back pain is a major cause of days off work, and is the second most common cause of long-term illness in Britain, after the stress.

Most cases of back pain is not caused by lifting heavy objects or move too much, but precisely because it is too long sitting on the bench office. Many employees who did not even move from their seats and many others who choose to eat lunch at their desks rather than the way to the cafeteria.

Not only can sit lower back hurts you, but also the position of bending and poor posture. To prevent the development of back pain due to too long in front of the computer, try the following tips:

1. Relax while sitting in a chair. Make sure your lower back touching the back of the chair.

2. Make sure your feet touching the floor or use a foot rest.

3. There should be space between the front of your seat and the back of the calf.

4. Your hips should be higher than the knee.

5. The arm should be parallel with the level of the elbow or table you use.

6. Use chairs with armrests.

7. Resting on a regular basis. Do not always sit at the computer for more than 40 minutes.

8. When it breaks, take a walk or stretching.

9. Remove all objects from under the table so you have enough legroom.

10. The same position without a break also increases the risk of neck pain.

11. Position the monitor should be straight and make sure it is directly in front of you not in the corner.

12. The top of the screen should be aligned at eye level and you do not need to look for, rotate the body, or lean forward to use it


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