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Friday, 21 October 2011

Simplify Yoga Breast Cancer Recovery - Read Full Article

Mental Health and quality of life is an important element in a person's recovery process from an illness after going through various medical treatments such as breast cancer surgery.

A study has found that the exercise program of yoga, particularly  yoga good for the recovery of patients with breast cancer.

For two years, a group of participants were asked to fill out questionnaires about their physical and mental health while attending  Yoga classes at the beginning and end of 10 weeks.

Once collected, these data were then analyzed and found that after attending a yoga class, 94 people felt their quality of life improved, 88 percent feel more physically fit, 87 percent are happier, and 87 percent admitted to not feel tired quickly.

Amy Speed-Andrews of the University of Alberta added another advancement reported that levels of stress, anxiety, and depression was reduced.

This is significant given  treatment of breast cancer are known to make women feel sick, tired, and depressed. According to the plan, the researchers will conduct  yoga classes in order to determine the effect of yoga on the recovery of the joints, body strength, and balance patients. This discovery has been published in the journal Cancer Nursing


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