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Thursday, 24 November 2011

4 Things to Do in Bad Work Desk -Read More

MOST of us spend most of the time in the day to sit at the computer. At about 8 hours a day that we usually spend behind the desk, we can perform actions that could harm their own health. Here are four things that should not be done at your desk.

1. Eating irregularly
When combining the activities of eating with the work, be careful because it can disrupt the body weight. Therefore, the tips tend to eat unconsciously while working. If you can, take a break from the table and eat in other places where you can focus on your plate.

2. Crossed legs

It may not have thought, but people tend to cross the knee when sitting. This can cause pressure buildup in the legs. Not only that, it's also one reason why sitting too long can make the body sick. So try to keep the knee in a position so as not to cross.

3. Wearing earphones are too loud
Sometimes, a tedious job to make us want to listen to songs vibrant with loud volume. But make sure you do not set to music through earphones with a rhythm that is too hard. Because it can damage the eardrum.

4.No break
Currently the focus of the task? Do not let it make you forget to fill the glass, out to lunch, or rest my eyes while waiting for the deadline. We too often hear how bad sitting too long can adversely affect overall health. And break it only takes a few minutes of your time and will make you feel much better.


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