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Thursday, 24 November 2011

Carole Middleton Declared Worst Diet in 2011 - Read More

DIET occupation that was popular some time ago because it served the Duchess of Cambridge's mother Carole Middleton, in welcoming the marriage of the princess now even crowned as most diets are ineffective and are not based on scientific basis.

The experts from the British Dietetic Association diet occupation rate is the method confusing, rigid and ineffective. Diet is also considered a weight loss program the worst celebrity to follow.

Diet, which was mentioned also followed by Jennifer Lopez and Gisele Bundchen is a complex four-phase diet that starts with the approach of proteins that promote weight loss each week.

Diets which topped the annual list of the five BDA 2011 is the worst celebrity diet also recommends the consumption of very low calorie (VLC) for a week to binge drink alcohol.

"Diet is very confusing, very stiff, and very stylish French. Dr. occupation itself even warned of the problems associated such as lack of energy, constipation and bad breath," said BDA spokesman was quoted as saying by The Telegraph, Wednesday (16/11).

BDA admitted having received hundreds of questions every year on the subject of diet and the results were analyzed to establish a list of the most reliable diet, it is difficult to follow, or plan a healthy diet.


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