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Thursday, 3 November 2011

Blame your hormones when Slim Hard

Your friends who are or have been on a diet. Normally, they would say that losing weight is hard, but harder to maintain it.

Not just you, surely there are many people who often meet with failure in an effort to lose weight. Now a recent study in New EnglandJournal of Medicine highlights some of the causes, and the answer is not a lack of will or commitment, but a hormone.

It seems that our hormones involved in appetite control and may contribute to cause failure in the diet.

They found that hormonal changes affect hunger and weight. A year after weight loss, found an increase in the 'hunger hormone' ghrelin and other hormones such as leptin reduction that can promote weight loss.

Ghrelin is a hormone that tells us to eat. Leptin is a hormone that tells us to stop eating. Shortage of one of the other hormones such as peptide YY and cholecystokinin also can make weight back up.

From an evolutionary standpoint, this change should prevent starvation when food is scarce.

"But in an environment where high-calorie food is abundant and physical activity is not a habit, the return of body weight is not surprising," said the researcher. "The findings explain why most people find it difficult to maintain weight loss in the long run," said study researcher Joseph Proietto MBBS PhD, as quoted by WebMD.

Proietto is also a professor of medicine at the University of Melbourne, Australia, added, "It also may explain why public health programs in general have so far failed to reduce the prevalence of obesity." Indeed, there are some drugs that are being developed to help combat some hormonal changes.

"This is a very important study," says Scott Kahan, MD, an obesity expert at Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore. According to him, these findings also emphasize the importance of trying to prevent weight gain and obesity since the beginning ..

"Let's not waste a lot of resources to tackle obesity, but it's better to focus on prevention," he said.


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