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Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Mouth Spray Works Press Hunger

Drug natural oral spray form has been claimed to reduce hunger in just a few days of use. Inevitably the drug has been marketed in the UK this promising new method for the diet.

Full Fast drug called it an appetite suppressant that is sprayed into the mouth. Producers also claim the drug is made ​​from 100 percent natural products, according to the Daily Mail. One of the secret ingredient is Griffonia, a source of serotonin which controls feelings of fullness.

In addition, there is also a Klamath Algae is said to have positive physiological effects on mood  a stimulant that is twice as strong as caffeine.

Research also has found that  may affect how quickly the body feel full, so help maintain ideal body weight. Fast Full been tested in women with overweight and proved to show the reduction of hunger for eight weeks.

The study found that hunger was reduced after only five days of use. After 21 days, the group was better able to withstand hunger.

23.95 pounds worth of these drugs can be used for one month and should be used five times a day, before or after eating. This study has appeared in the International Journal of Obesity issue in October 2011.


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