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Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Facebook beat Google IPO - Read full Article

The Wall Street Journal reported up plans to anticipate the long file an initial public offering in April-June 2012.

Reports claim menutip resource managers who are familiar with social networking site Facebook said it would increase the IPO value of U.S. $ 10 billion. That is, there will be an increase in total IPO value of more than U.S. $ 100 billion.

If the plan is realized, the value of Facebook will be the largest IPO in history. In fact, beat the Google IPO in 2004 that figure amounted to U.S. $ 23 billion. A few months ago it was rumored that Facebook will go public in the first quarter of 2012.

Sources interviewed by The Wall Street Journal warned that Facebook does not make a decision in an internal discussion about the timing of filings and market conditions that ultimately determine the amount and value of the company are looking for.


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