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Thursday, 1 December 2011

How to slim without a Diet and Exercise

People who crave a more slender body, but are reluctant to go to the gym or go on a diet. There are other ways we can do other than diet and exercise to the gym to get a leaner body. How do I?

1. Sex
Sexual intercourse is a great way to lose weight. Sex burns on average 150 to 250 calories per half hour, depending on the condition of fitness. Sex naturally makes your heart rate up thus improving circulation and burn calories and fat. By doing other than just the missionary position, you also train the muscles so it can be a cardio workout and toning.

2. Acupuncture
Acupuncture aims to balance the body's organ systems healthy. Moreover, acupuncture has been used for centuries to maintain body weight by regulating metabolism and energy production. Acupuncture is also a method of maintaining healthy spleen, stomach, liver and organ systems in Chinese medicine. However, the formula of this method is different for each person. Thus, one should see an experienced Chinese herbalist to get the right formula.

3. Sleep
At rest, our bodies are working to set up the system and heal any damage. Our digestive system is also working to process food, carbohydrate and fat metabolism. Some studies also have linked sleep deprivation with weight problems. This is due to cortisol that regulates the metabolism of sugar, proteins, fats, minerals, and water. Lack of sleep triggers the production of cortisol. Insulin is responsible for blood sugar and fat storage. Lack of sleep has been associated with elevated levels of insulin that makes weight loss more difficult.

4. Massage
Massage increases circulation and helps the exchange of oxygen and nutrients between blood and tissue cells that restore and strengthen muscles. Massage is also believed to remove toxins and excess water and fat from the body so it is not absorbed by the body and stored in the thigh. So even reflexology by pressing certain points on the feet can stimulate metabolism and promote weight loss.

5. Laugh
Laughter really can be the best medicine. Not only calm nerves, boost the immune system, and makes the heart happy, laughing also burns calories. Yes, laughter is good cardiovascular exercise provides a natural for the body part in the increased heart rate and circulation and toning the abdominal muscles.


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