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Friday, 11 November 2011

MDV3100, Extend Prostate Patient Age

Men with advanced prostate cancer now have new hope. A drug that has been tested patients suspected to be able to prolong life up to five months.

The drug has been through the analysis by including 1199 men previously treated with chemotherapy. MDV3100 was found that the drug could extend survival by 4.8 months compared with placebo participants

Average survival for men treated with the drug that is 18.4 months, whereas those treated with placebo only lasted for 13.6 months.

Results were obtained after the 520 men who took part in the trial had died. It also makes the production of drugs the U.S. pharmaceutical company Medivation willing to develop this drug with a Japanese pharmaceutical company 'Astellas Pharma.

Professor Johann de Bono, Professor of Experimental Cancer Medicine from the Institute of Cancer Research, The Royal Hospital, said MDV3100 have mechanisms of action and this has prompted researchers to look at the viability of the positive interim analysis.

"There is a real need for new treatments and advanced prostate cancer that targets the cancer in a different way," he said as quoted by the Daily Mail, Thursday (3 / 11).

The new drug is designed to target prostate cancer cells that become resistant to standard therapy-deficient hormone deficiency that should cut off the supply of testosterone that allow tumors to grow.


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