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Thursday, 24 November 2011

Simple Ways Enhance Children's Agency - Read More

Want body fit and grow taller? Here are some simple exercises that can help children get the bodies are not only healthy, but is also high.

1. Jumping with one foot
This is one of simple exercises that can be done anywhere. Whether it's while watching TV at home, while playing, even at school during recess! The trick simply by jumping on left foot rests 8 times with your hand pointing towards the sky. Then do the opposite with his right foot.

Benefits: Activities bounce is great for brain development also strengthens the legs and produce growth hormone.

2. Stretching the body
This movement is similar to the behavior of cats when stretched. Place the palms of the hands and feet on the floor. Then, slowly pull your body toward seemed to glide to the top to stretch the chest close to the floor. Your spine is curved at this position; high shoulders and elbows straight, and pelvis touching the floor.

Benefits: It helps to open the spine, strengthen the shoulders, palms, chest, back, and put pressure on the abdomen and hamstrings. Also, good for circulation.

3. Hanging
This exercise is most easily calculated. Just by hanging, the entire body will be stretched automatically. You also keep your feet fixed pointing downwards, abdomen and buttocks should be interested and chin should rise.

Benefits: This exercise adds to the height of the body. Also, strengthen your arms and shoulders and strengthen the stomach.


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