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Tuesday, 6 December 2011

4 Rules of Healthy Breakfast - Health Tips

Breakfast is the most crucial time to eat in a day. Thus, rather than just drinking coffee or a snack, we should give more attention to the breakfast menu. Here are four important rules in the breakfast:

1. Abstinence is passed

Breakfast will help increase your metabolism is slow due to the activity previously slept. Breakfast also helps maintain weight. So do not miss breakfast as much as possible so that the body more energy, more vibrant brain, and body weight maintained.

2. Abstinence postponed

The best time for breakfast, which is 1 hour after waking. So do not delay, unless you want to exercise in the morning. If so, have breakfast with protein and carbohydrate breakfast.

3. Remember fiber and protein

Mengasup fiber and protein for breakfast will keep you full longer. So instead of chewing candy that actually makes the body feel weak and hungry sooner, eat fibrous foods and protein.

4. Do not drink too much coffee

A cup of coffee in the morning were admittedly has many benefits, such as reducing the risk of disease and improve concentration. However, do not drink too much, just enough to drink 1-2 cups. Too much caffeine can cause anxiety and high blood pressure. Try changing the second cup of coffee with green tea.


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