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Thursday, 1 December 2011

Breaking Hacker Playbook - Read Full detail

THREE hackers (hackers) admitted they had broken into the Playbook to get root access to the device. Their action could damage the reputation of Research in Motion (RIM) in maintaining the security of computer systems tablets made by them.

Root access means the user has permission to replace any files or programs on a computer tablet Playbook and control the functions of the software (hardware). RIM respond to the actions of hackers to investigate the case.

If a burglary does occur, they will release a solution to patch the leak. Three hackers who claim to be , neuralic and Chris Wade was planning to release their results at this week's jailbreak by perantiyang called DingleBerry.

In a video posted on YouTube, Wade shows how DingleBerry allow Playbook to access Internet video service Hulu is currently not available in the Playbook. IOS software and Android vulnerable to hacker attacks and have been repeatedly attacked by users who want to run a program that has not authorized the Apple and Google.

Instead of IOS and Android, RIM's software is rarely compromised. Playbook running different operating systems with smartphone BlackBerry. However, QNX system will be coupled with the BlackBerry starting next year.

In July 2011, the Playbook is the first tablet computer security certified and in use among the U.S. government.


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