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Friday, 2 December 2011

How to Replace the Hard Drive Problem- Tips

Hard drive you suddenly problematic. And you do not create a backup file? You may panic because they do not have the skills to fix it.

No need to worry. In such emergency conditions, the first thing to do is check the disk or motors that have not been damaged. Therefore, problems often occur on the hard drive on the controller board or PCB (printed circuit board, PCB) due to power surge or drive too hot.

When the PCB problem, sometimes the signal is lost. Therefore, you should perform the following steps.

1. See detailed specs

If the PCB problem, promptly replace with new. Previously, note the product model number (below S / N), P / N, firmware code, date code, site code, and main controller IC. Located in the center of the chip, between the PCB. Then, find the six-digit code at the top of said SEAGATE.

2. Find products online

Go to the to buy a new hard drive products. Then enter the model of the drive are damaged or die. The code is usually there are 11 digits, two rows from bottom to top drive. Search results in the search box.

3. check the product

Delivery of the new drive usually takes about six to ten business days by mail. When it arrives, check the installation instructions and a screwdriver.

4. Replace the old PCB

On top of the PCB you will see five screws that are connected to the hard drive. Undo them using a screwdriver in the kit. Make sure the screws are not lost or spilled. Then carefully remove the old with the new PCB and screw back with great force.

5. Try a new drive

Turn on the computer. Connect the hard drive to the dock, then plug it into the computer. Now you can access the required files and copy them to a computer.


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