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Friday, 2 December 2011

Tips for Choosing a Password Internet

In 24 hours, log into various sites may occur more than 1 billion. This is expressed by a spokesman for Facebook.

Of these, 600 thousand trying to access the messages, photos and other personal information. With the amount of logging as much as it is not surprising that a variety of sites, including social networking become attractive targets for hackers.

Network security experts also paid great attention to the problem. They suggested that Internet users are more careful when password.

Web users should ensure that email passwords, banking and other digital services they are safe to avoid the theft of personal information.

Then, how about you? Is it that difficult to guess a password hackers? If not, here are tips on choosing password internet.

1. Use various types of characters in your password. If possible, combine numbers, letters and special characters.

2. Create a password at least eight characters. Separate words with spaces or underscores.

3. Should not use the same username and password for all accounts you have. Use online password manager to manage passwords on various accounts. Good luck!


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