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Friday, 18 May 2012

IRCTC Login for ticket booking, seat availability, status and more

IRCTC Login Guide

A branch of the Indian Railways, which is the Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation or the IRCTC are behind the online ticketing, tourism and catering of the railway operations in India. IRCTC has become famous for remodeling the structure of railway ticketing in India. In the year 2003, the company’s website had started to become one of the fastest and largest growing e-commerce websites in some regions of Asia, now having over 6 lakh of registered users. The new IRCTC website is featured with a drop down navigation that provides proper information to browsers. Info like Enquiries, User Guides, Agents, Special offers, General Information and the IRCTC Zone are a part of the company’s website.

This user-navigational interface effectively provides information about ticketing cancelling, ticket booking reservation inquiry, browser settings, and even gifts/free tickets! Also, you can arrange consumable use of facilities through booking hotels, tourist trains, rail packages, flights, Buddhist trains, holidays and many more. The Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation Ltd is providing an online passenger reservation system to all of their customers/clients. Just recently, the company’s website has been revamped and launched is currently on its beta version. This new version is foreseen to be very innovative and user friendly. The consulting director of the BroadVision Asia Pacific Region, Subir Agrawal has stated in one of his interviews that “the company’s newest website layout will increase the growing number of visitors who are interested in booking rail tickets using the site.” It is a good thing that the website is being overseen by the Broadvision Company. The consulting director also stated that “Broadvision has made an observation that out of the total number of the visitors to the IRCTC’s website, only a few 45 percent was able to book tickets. Their primary focus is to continuously increase the number of their clients through enhancing their system to be more easy and interactive. Right now, almost anyone can have the capacity to book tickets because there is already an instant booking where clients will no longer required registering and login.

In order for the website to be incorporated with new features, the team is currently using Web 2.0 platforms and Ajax. This has allowed the brand new website to offer new drop down options making it full of factual info within the same web page. Mr. Agrawal has also stated that their customers no longer has to book for the train, seats, fare and availability as of today. It is because of their newest intelligent enquiry software as it helps them get all the required information from just a single request to the central server and once that is done, it brings the required load to all of the servers involved. During the peak moments of booking timings and seasons, the department is said to use very powerful servers for them to be able to deal with all the loads of their clients as efficient as possible. For the people of BroadVision, one of the most challenging obstacles is dealing with the loads of their servers, which sometimes freezes their system for minutes while booking their tickets most especially during 8 in the morning. According to them, the population of bookings received on an average day had been continuously growing in numbers ten folds compared to the infrastructure of their serves. These so called “bookings” as well as enquiry requests are usually six to seven times bigger during the peak moments compared to the other time of the day. Even if their system’s infrastructure is well built to deal with the traffic for the whole day, the peak hours is what clogs the servers.

The average population of bookings done within 24 hours goes around 3 lakh in as of today while some years ago, they have received thousands of booking needs. Also, Mr. Agrawal shared that the modern age technologies are very helpful to them like the virtualization which is currently being tested for efficiency by them, but just like any form of technology, it still has its own limitation. His remedy for this would be to get forty up to fifty servers to run just during the peak hours and back to the normal server count after that but up until now, there is no kind of integrated system available for that need.

The CRS or the Central Reservation System which is cared by the Indian Railways, the transaction gateway which is taken care of by associated banks and also BroadVision which is the leading provider of web applications are the 3 main elements that combine within the process of booking. These three are required to be incorporated with each other so that a booking process would bring the best result possible. A statistic report from the IRCTC shows that within just a span of 30 days, the percentage of the success rate on the transaction for bookings are done with the use of credit cards runs around seventy two to seventy fives per cent whiles in the case of a debit or net banking card, the success chance is somewhere between 67 to 70 percent. Across the country, IRCTC’s website is considered to be one of the most crowded internet destinations.

If you want to log in, you can visit and you will see the section where you can login within the upper left hand side of the homepage. Once you have entered you username with your password you can just click the log in button. If you cannot recall your current password you can just select the “forgot password” option and just follow the instruction sent to your email.

Once you have been able to login, if you were visiting the site before you will notice that it had a complete change of theme and had featured new icons. You can see quick links that can show you your Booking history; Refunds, Print Tickets, Cancellation, File TDR and Shubh yatra will be visible on the first page of logging in. Also, you will find very vital announcement and other notices from the IRCTC right under the quick links section. The company has also created a fast loading java script and menu which is based in a research facility of a new version. When you are trying to plan a trip, you can just easily put in two stations along with class and date and the website will show you complete detailed information like train number, fair, distance, train type, as well as availability.

If you are a new visitor of the IRCTC website, you can just click the “sign-up” button and enter your desired username, security question with your answer, password, last name, first name, marital status, gender, occupation, date of birth, nationality, mobile number, email address, city, address, state, phone number, pin/zip, country and once that is done, just click the “submit” button. Registering is as easy as eating a piece of cake.


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