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Friday, 18 May 2012

25 tips to make your sex life exciting

If you are already a few years to your partner, it may happen that your sex life on the backburner afterwards. But this is absolutely no need! With these tips you can make the sex back fine.
  1. Talking is the key if you want to come closer together. Ask what your partner likes, but also tell what you would like. By listening to each other, learn each other's needs - again - and know you can respond to this.
  2. Without you at least once a week with two. Join just off the bustle of everyday life. Do doors and windows closed, bring kids to the babysitter and leave your work there until tomorrow. So you're finally really together and come closer together.
  3. Time together is very important. Do things that you both like. That can shop or cycling, but also just on the couch watch a DVD. So you bring the fun back into your relationship and that is reflected in many areas.
  4. Do your best dress and go to an evening at the cinema, disco or the theater. So are you working in a pleasant way together.
  5. Always pay attention to your appearance. It does you good partner when he sees that you still have problems for him.
  6. Young girls might look better, but there are always areas where you score better. Charisma, humor and intelligence are qualities that you still have and where your husband ever been dropped. Use it!
  7. Bring back the romance in your relationship. Romance is in the small things, a glass of wine while cooking, candles during dinner to a spontaneous kiss or smile.
  8. Send sweet messages to your partner. Stop slips in his pocket or send an SMS or email. You can also exciting things in writing. For example: "Do you come home early tonight? I have a surprise for you ... "
  9. Construction by those little notes or short text messages on the voltage. Let him subtly notice that what you intend when he comes home at night or if you give him a few days.
  10. Lingerie can be your partner in the mood.
  11. He will surely appreciate if you dance for him, or even comic strips. You might find this a bit scary, but you'll find you the best music and fun to dress out.
  12. Give each other a massage with massage creates intimacy and a relaxed feeling.
  13. Deviate from your routine, try another scolding.
  14.  Do it at a different time of day. It does not always at night when it is dark or every week on Sunday morning.
  15. Another way to deviate from your routine is to have sex in a different place. Do it not in bed, but on the stairs, the kitchen sink, the shower or out. This creates additional stress, especially when your chance is to be discovered.
  16. Let the light for a change to. It can be very arousing each other's eyes. So you see how your partner responds or rather of you enjoy.
  17. Use - if you so into his - toys to a little tension to build. Think of handcuffs and vibrators.
  18. Blindfolds means you fully surrender to your partner, but also thoroughly enjoy. Let everything that happens to your body over you and enjoy.
  19. Tell each other your greatest fantasies. This certain feats or places. Take action and make sure you get together a fantasy.
  20. Very important is foreplay. Do not arrive at 'the deed', but build it up slowly. Foreplay can mix gently caress and kiss. Use your tongue to explore his body. This will certainly excite him.
  21. Ensure that what you do in bed is in balance. If you give him a massage, you can also expect something nice back. This is not necessarily the same night, that can also be a few days or weeks later.
  22. Try to enjoy the moment. Join here on everything you stress about. Sex can reduce stress and tension headaches.
  23. Make sense! Even if you are tired or really much to do, this is important. Once you're at it, you'll discover that it is quite fun.
  24. Creep now and then to love you. All you see a movie or you sit in the park a cup of coffee, physical contact - even if it is insignificant - a man often evokes lust.
  25. Do not tell your mood. Talk about what you like to try, but also indicate what you do not want. Your partner will appreciate your openness and like to put you at ease


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