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Sunday, 4 December 2011

Lack of Concern for People with AIDS

Although has been present in the country for decades, in fact, the level of public awareness of AIDS patients is still not. Especially in terms of financial assistance the treatment of patients who need care.

This was said by Dr. as the practitioner concerned the issue of HIV / AIDS in the discussion is limited to welcome the World AIDS Day 2011 at the Cafà © Miss Ball Menteng in Central India, Monday (28/11).

In addition, discrimination seems to still happen for PLWHA who are civil servants. Reason does not guarantee, according to Dr, only sought. Though AIDS is no longer a disease caused by free sex, but the infectious diseases that can infect all people

"So then, should HIV / AIDS was viewed as an infectious disease, yet the presence of ARVs, the disease is a disease that can be controlled. The prognosis is much better when compared with blood cancer, for example," he said.

Dr. added that ARV therapy can prevent the transmission by 92 percent. This means that if patients were given antiretroviral therapy, we actually prevent transmission to others. Your GP can also play an active role in the management of HIV / AIDS primarily with counseling and recommended testing. Another role that is by educating the public, including on reproductive health, drug and addiction, as well as on HIV / AIDS itself.


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