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Thursday, 8 December 2011

Why Face Looks Old - Read Full Answer here

Who would not want to stay young? It seems almost everybody wants it to. However, we certainly can not avoid the aging process. Many of the factors that cause premature aging such as diet, stress, and pollution. However, there is one more that can make our face look older which is high blood sugar levels.

A study conducted Leiden University Medical Centre and Unilever R & D has found a link between blood sugar levels in humans and facial age (the age of the face). The study found that people aged between 50-70 years with high sugar content bias appear older than those with lower blood sugar levels. For every increase of 1 mmol / liter of blood sugar levels, a person's face will look older than 5 months.

Associate Professor at Leiden University Medical Center, said, "The results of this study indicate the importance of controlling blood sugar levels of people in middle age. Looks younger may be a motivation to change lifestyle to become healthier at around age 50 - 70 years. "

Meanwhile, David Gunn, senior scientist in the laboratory R & D Unilever at Colworth Science Park said, "This was first proved a link between blood sugar levels and the aging face. It's a lot of research that proves that the blood sugar levels are kept high is not good for health. this study proves that it was also to make people look older. "

"Although we know that high blood sugar levels can cause aging of the face, still needs further research to find out what the actual cause."

The results of this study which was published in the journal AGE is an initiative of the Netherlands Consortium for Healthy Ageing which aims to understand how to maintain health with age.


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