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Friday, 10 February 2012

10 Tips when traveling by car with kids

Traveling with children is fun and can be great if you have a plan that mature early.
With the rising cost of airfare and the increased time it takes to get through security at airports, so the more families are deciding to travel by car for their vacation.

Then we began to ask other friends about how they travel so that it becomes easier and how they deal with the question "Are we there yet?" Which comes from their children.
Here are ten tips for those of you who want to holiday travel easier: 
  1. Determine whether your children happy on holiday in the morning or evening? Plan your trip to fit the times that they like.  Our children do not like traveling in the morning they would rather go after 2 pm and the journey into the evening.
  2. Fill your car with a small bag of food that is suitable for everyone and even the elderly, a cooler with plenty of water and favorite drinks, colored pencils, crayons, some coloring books, sticker books, travel games, and travel journals for children older .
  3. Brings with games and Gameboys, CD or cassette player personal (even for small children), and you can get books on tape from the library.
  4. Try to bring a portable DVD player, this will make 5 or 6 hours a day feel like 2 hours. This method also enables us to not have to stop to things that are not necessary since you kids go watch a movie.
  5. To avoid the difficulty in transporting luggage for each person to a hotel for one night. Wrap dress for three days in a suitcase for each person. This way you can bring one suitcase of clothing for three days.
  6. Wrap a soft tablecloth for outdoor lunch time stop on the way.
  7. Be sure to bring your digital camera and create lifelong memories.
  8. Take a few postcards from every city along the way.
  9. All the children were different but in general they can not travel as far as adults in one day, try to set the length of your trip, may range from 6 to 8 hours.
  10. Do not fill the inside of the car up to the edge as it will cause the least room for the kids, but up to the top of the car to maintain the security of your belongings.
Hopefully your family vacation fun.


  1. These are all some great tips. I use my iPad all the time when we are traveling. I think it gives the kids more options then just a DVD player and the kids love that. I also have the TV Everywhere through my provider DISH, so that helps a lot. With the Sling Adapter hooked up to my receiver the kids can access all our subscription channels from anywhere we can get a 3G connection. They love being able to watch their favorite shows live on the road. In addition, a co-worker from DISH told me we could now stream our Blockbuster@home service, so they will be able to access movies off there as well. I strap it to my headrest and they are quiet for hours. It is such a lifesaver when we are traveling. Other than that, we make sure they have many other activities to keep them busy.


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