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Friday, 10 February 2012

Safety Tips For The Traveler

Basic Safety Rules

Thorough advance your destination, get as much information as possible about where you want to visit. Familiarize yourself to become familiar with local regulations. Here are some tips that may help you on the way.

Get travel insurance, you should provide it with a policy that directly, as well as direct payments to medical providers.

Before you go, making photocopies of documents and tickets will be easier to replace them at any time if lost or stolen.

Be friendly. Try to mingle with the locals as possible. Leave expensive jewelry and your valuables at home.

Do not discuss your travel plans to the public.

Stay alert, especially in countries at high risk.

Do not expose your valuables (money, documents, jewelry, etc.), secure them in the hotel.

Bring cash in small amounts.

Wear a money belt hidden in order to keep money and your important documents in it.

Every time you use your credit cards, watch your credit card until you return. Check your credit card when it gets into your hands.

Never leave your personal belongings unattended.

Respect local customs and regulations.

If you have problems, contact the nearest embassy.

If you are unfamiliar with the local language, write down some important sentences in the local language.
For a case of theft, get a report from the police immediately if you are going to make an insurance claim. Theft of the traveler must be reported within 24 hours.

Your Travel Safety Tips

Do check in as soon as possible, do not linger in the main terminal. Do not discuss your travel plans with fellow passengers, crew, or even a traveling companion. Familiarize yourself with the outside areas and safe areas. Stay away from items that no one guarding it.

Verify baggage claim, check before and after the flight. Never leave your luggage unattended. Stay calm and alert. Try to occupy the window seat. This position is less accessible by hijackers.

Tips on Hotel Safety

Get a card with your name and complete address of the hotel. You can show it to the taxi driver if you get lost. Stay in hotels that are on tour and in particular road safer areas of your destination city.

Choose the lower level floor is more secure because in case of fire. But avoid the first floor as well as the location is the best location for thieves.

Familiarize yourself with the stairs, fire rescue routes, emergency exits and alarms.

Allow your hotel room locked at all times. Before opening the door for strangers, first check who is coming. Never invite strangers into your hotel room.

Never leave your valuables (camera, documents, jewelry, etc.) lying around the hotel where employees can see it.

Before leaving your room for a day, put the warning "Do not disturb" on your door to give the impression that there is an occupied room. When ready to clean your room, call the hotel use helper deposit box to store your valuables.

Bring your room key, do not leave it at the front desk.

Do not use your name when answering the phone.

When he returned to the hotel at night, use the main entrance. Beware before entering the parking lot.

Saving Tips When Case of Fire in Hotel

If the fire starts up, grab your keys before leaving the room, because most of the hotel door locks automatically. Do not use elevators during a fire. If you encounter heavy smoke in the stairs, do not try to walk through it. Turned and walked to the exit on the roof.

If all exits are blocked or if there is heavy smoke in the hallway, you would be better off staying in your room. If there is smoke in your room, open windows and turn on the bathroom vent. If your phone works, call the front desk to tell them where you are, or call the fire department to report your location in the building.

Sheets hanging outside the window as a signal. Fill the bathtub with water for use in fire. Flush water into the hot door or wall. Place a wet towel into the cracks and around doors where smoke could enter. Place a wet towel over the mouth and nose to help filter the smoke. If you are on the second floor, you better wait for the fire department in your room than jumping.

Hope your trip successful and enjoyable!


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