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Monday, 13 February 2012

Breathing Tips Embarked at Stuffy Nose

Nose blocked is a very disturbing situation. In a study cited by The Times of India, allowing mucus stuck in the nose will make things worse because it can cause infection in the lungs.

Here are tips for launching respiratory nasal congestion due to:

1. When going to sleep, keep your head slightly elevated. This serves to reduce the formation of mucus. Any movement in the bed, would put pressure on the formation of mucus, and therefore try to keep a sleeping position with her face to the ceiling.

2. Another thing you can do with an onion. Pungent aroma of onions was powerful to get rid of a stuffy nose. You simply peel and cut onions in half, then smell the onions for five minutes.

3. Consumption of spicy foods. The content of a substance called capsaicin in hot spices like chili and pepper, in a flash because it will clean the nasal cavity mucous come out.

4. Likewise, if you drink coffee or tea, the steam produced from hot drinks will help thin the mucus.

5. The other option, add a few drops of menthol into a container of hot water, then expose the face to the water vapor with the help of a towel to cover the head and the water container.


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