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Friday, 3 February 2012

Dry lips - use home remedies to care

Especially in winter, the sensitive lips quickly become brittle and rough. But with simple home remedies this problem can be solved and shine your lips.

Lip balm with an exfoliation of home remedies

To remove the dead skin cells on dry lips, indulge in a lip scrub. This does not require expensive peeling out of the store is necessary because there is an equally effective home remedies.
  • Mix with honey and sugar together and heat the mixture slightly. Apply it gently on. This method works equally well with good olive oil and sugar.
  • Be careful with lip scrubs with a toothbrush. Firstly, on the toothbrush adherent bacteria invade wounds, on the other, tearing delicate and rough lips slightly. Use is only a soft toothbrush to scrub this.

Vitamin A supplier for dry lips

  • In order to supply the dry lips with vitamin A, slide her lips with a (preferably fresh) carrot juice. Even from inside the carrot juice helps if you drink it.
  • Butter also contains lots of vitamin A and is therefore a good lip balm.

Creams and masks from home remedies

  • A mixture of honey and curd and apply on the lips move in 10-15 minutes. 
  • Also, a mask of pureed avocado and buttermilk helps to dry lips.
  • Milking grease, Vaseline and Calendula ointment, as well as lavender oil are effective helper against chapped lips. 
  • In very dry lips also helps ointment from the pharmacy. Move in over night and the cream helps the skin to regenerate quickly.
Make your lip balm from home means simply self: Enter the beeswax and cocoa butter in a hot water bath. Into the liquid mixture enter to double the amount of sweet almond oil. Cool pour the liquid into small bowl and leave.


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