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Friday, 3 February 2012

How to adjust the volume with WinAmp

WinAmp is a software that allows you to play all MP3 files and other music formats on your computer. This popular program is free in its basic version can be downloaded from the Internet. WinAmp can be used also for music CDs, and offers very useful functions. The music volume can be adjusted individually and quickly with this software

WinAmp is free and very easy to use

WinAmp has for many years to the popular computer programs of its kind and is still free in the standard version. If you do not have the software useful, you can download the latest version and WinAmp install on your computer.
  • The program interface is designed to be relatively clear and consists of several components. The main module of WinAmp is quite small and contains very many different functions.
  • There is also a playlist, an equalizer, a visualization and an extensive video library available. Have you completed the installation of WinAmp, you can use this software as a standard for all popular music formats.
  • Due to the high functionality of the program, click some important controls are very small or even hidden. This also applies to the volume control of WinAmp. This differs from the standard Windows volume and has its own controller. With this you can adjust the music volume adjustable to your taste3

Adjust the volume in Winamp

  1. Start first thing WinAmp via the Windows Start menu or double click a music file. The interface of the software is loaded in a few seconds. 
  2. The upper part of WinAmp is at the same time the central element of the player software. To adjust the music volume there is a small slider on the playback screen is available. 
  3. You can either use the mouse to the left (down) or right (up), or directly select a specific location. In addition to the actual Customize You can also use a mute function for WinAmp. 
  4. You just have to click with your mouse on the volume icon and even the sound is completely out. Any changes you make in WinAmp apply, but only for this program. The overall volume of Windows system does not change.


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